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guide to posting images on the forum.

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guide to posting images on the forum.

Post  aew 2100 on Tue Nov 24, 2009 10:59 pm

1.after you take the a picture and save it in paint or what ever you use,you need to save it in a good file format
i recommend JPEG,JPG or PNG

this is what you wanna do.

2.after you save with the name you want and other stuff like that your gonna wanna upload it too either imageshack or any other image uploading sites

3. once your there you're gonna wanna click on the browse button then find the file that you wanna upload

4.after you're done click on the "my images" thingy

then click the "i" to the right of the image that you uploaded once that pops up there will be some code you can use,here's the code to use for forums

use that one with the check mark box on top of it,you can un-check-mark it if you don't want to inclucde you imageshack profile link(i do this,i don't wat people browsing my profile o.o)

5.after that just high-light the code right click,then copy and then right-click paste in your post(or where ever you want it)

by the way different code applies for different things like websites.not forums just look around ad you'll see.

whew! i need a breath!

well i hope this helps!
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